The Leah and Ed Frankel Support Foundation
2012 Scholarship Award

  Stanley StewartStanley Stewart is a teen leader in VOX’s JUST Georgia Initiative, a program that brings young people’s voices to the legislative agenda of rewriting Georgia’s juvenile code. He became involved with the Initiative, knowing how all too quickly children can find themselves in foster care and juvenile systems. By facilitating workshops for kids in foster care, detention facilities and programs, Stanley’s commitment to and strong advocacy for youth help teens to speak up about their experiences and lives and find more just solutions in difficult circumstances. In addition to including the often under-represented voices of adjudicated youth, Stanley contributes his own informative articles, videos, and content to the VOX Newspaper and website for 90,000 Atlanta teens. Stanley will go on to Brown University and hopes to pursue social activism, photography and entrepreneurship. He loves free-flowing, creative expression, every individual’s power to impact positive change and his own willingness to take action.