The Rita and Jacob Salzman
2012 Outstanding Educator Award

  Sudip BhandariIn response to the growing culture of youth violence and limited knowledge of the Holocaust, Sudip Bhandari founded The Anne Frank Project in the summer of 2011. Funded by a St. Olaf College Entrepreneurial Grant, Sudip traveled to Nepal committed to teaching students about the atrocities of the Holocaust through the inspirations of Anne Frank. He compiled donated books and reading material from The Anne Frank Center USA, and designed a traveling educational exhibit featuring 15 large banners capturing life in Nazi Germany, an engaging PowerPoint presentation, thoughtful discussion questions, and informational fliers. Supported by six volunteers, Sudip traveled to six different schools over the span of six weeks, educating 2,300 students of all ages on the history of World War II, highlighting the Holocaust, the reign of Hitler and the story of Anne Frank. Sudip is expanding his project in the coming summer with focus on two initiatives: expanding the breadth and depth of the traveling educational exhibition and establishing a permanent educational resource committed to honoring peace activists through the construction of the first peace library in the Gorkha region of Western Nepal. Sudip has received a Davis Projects for Peace Award to help him with his initiatives. Through the Anne Frank Project 2012, Sudip hopes to instill a message of hope, mutual respect and tolerance among Nepal’s youth. Sudip is a sophomore student at St. Olaf College, Minnesota.