Nomination Categories

  Anne Frank Outstanding Scholarship Award Applicants must be graduating high school seniors in the US who have been accepted into a four-year college. The grand prize applicant receives a $10,000 scholarship. The second prize applicant receives a $5,000 scholarship from ING. Runners up receive a $1,000 scholarship. This award is given to strong community leaders and recognizes students who exemplify the commitment, ideals and courage that Anne Frank represents today. Examples of such activities include:
  • Acting as a spokesperson for tolerance;
  • On a daily basis, having the courage to be bridge-builders and peacemakers;
  • Creating programs that address intolerance, violence prevention and conflict resolution;
  • Standing up against intolerance by leading or being active participants in community-based organizations.
  Anne Frank Outstanding Educator Award The Anne Frank Center USA solicits direct applications AND nominations on behalf of individuals who have proven they have the courage to make a difference as educators. This award is given to teachers who have distinguished themselves as pace-setters in crafting programs that:
  • teach students the information, habits, and academic and personal skills to stand up against racism, prejudice, and bias-based violence;
  • foster cross-cultural knowledge, interaction and joint civic actions to build more educated and tolerant communities across barriers, especially as these actions encourage and involve students in a leadership position.
Anne Frank Outstanding Citizen Award The Anne Frank Center USA solicits nominations of adults who are community leaders, bridge builders and role models. These individuals embody tolerance and promote unity and peace. The Anne Frank Center USA solicits nominations of adults whoa re community leaders, bridge-builders and role models. These individuals have distinguished themselves as pace-setters who have:
  • Led a community to significant increased awareness of a key public issue affecting tolerance, understanding across differences, and positive action to make a difference
  • Organized a substantial and impactful public campaign to address instances of bias-based behavior that have disrupted the physical or psychological safety of a community
  • Investigated, documented, and reported upon community-based problems of intolerance, inequitable opportunity, educational or other exclusion, etc., and whose work has resulted in vital dialogue and/or significant new initiatives for improvement.
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