The Mr. and Mrs. Edmond Farber 2011
Outstanding Student Award

Raechel RosenRaechel Rosen of New York, NY, is one of three winners of the Outstanding Student Award. A student at the LaGuardia High School of Music, Art and the Performing Arts, Ms. Rosen has performed and spoken at the United Nations, The World Bank, The International Children’s Day of Peace, and at Carnegie Hall. After attending a global awareness program in Malawi, Africa and witnessing the devastation wrought by HIV, Ms. Rosen created a song in the villagers’ native language, “Lira Malawi Lira,” with lyrics teaching simple ways to prevent and combat HIV/AIDS. With a grant from, she recorded the song and copied it on to hundreds of MP3 players and, with the help of NGO’s and Peace Corps volunteers, the song was taken back to Malawi and spread throughout the local villages. Ms. Rosen was awarded The Martin Luther King Service Award from The Children’s Museum of Manhattan, a Congressional honor from Congressman Ed Townes, and The We Are Family Foundation’s Special Recognition Award.