Board of Directors


Peter Rapaport, PhD

Vice Chair

Charles H. F. Garner


Anthony G. Polak


Sharon R. Douglas

Chair Emeritus

Paul D. Kaplan

  • Evi Blaikie
  • Jonathan L. Cohen
  • Amy Sara Cores
  • Pieter Kohnstam
  • Sybil Rosenberg
  • Michiel Schuit
  • Gerhard R.T. van der Poel
In Memoriam

The Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect mourns the loss of our long-time board member, Peter Kaufmann. Peter and his late wife Hanni personally knew the Frank family when they lived as refugees in Amsterdam before WWII. Like Anne, Peter was a hidden child during Nazi occupation. As an elder statesman with the Anne Frank Center, Peter’s guidance has launched many new initiatives, always believing in education to confront the dangers of intolerance and discrimination.

The Anne Frank Center is grateful for his inspiring commitment to the ideals of Anne Frank and her continuing legacy.