Community Programs

The Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect offers programs that you can bring to your library, synagogue, church, university, or other cultural institution. Our community programs may be booked as stand-alone events, or in conjunction with one of our traveling exhibits.

Performance Programs

Our live performance programs are an excellent way to bring Anne’s story to life in your community. These programs have been performed at K-12 schools, colleges, religious and community centers, and educational conferences. They have also been performed alongside our traveling exhibits, at the Clinton Presidential Center, the Dallas Holocaust Museum, and many other venues in the NYC metropolitan area and across the United States.

Both productions, in unique ways, can spark dialogue in your community to consider current injustices and confront intolerance and discrimination today. By hosting these programs, you can bring your community together and become steward bearers of Anne’s spirit and legacy.

Please email us at or call 212-431-7993 to find out more about bringing these programs to your community.

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Education Workshops

Our staff can conduct one-day professional development sessions for educators or single-session workshops for students, families, and communities of all ages.

Our professional development sessions provide teachers with the opportunity to examine the life and times of Anne Frank through her diary, family photographs, and documentary images. Our staff work with educators at all levels with resources to address the subject of the Holocaust and how to make connections to the world today.

Our one-day workshops can come to your community for a single session introduction to Anne Frank’s life and legacy. Through incorporation of primary source documents and cross-curricular connections, our programs adhere directly to curriculum standards, while challenging participants to analyze history in the context of the present. Customized to your needs, workshop options include visual art, writing, or drama.