2014 Highlights

The Anne Frank Center USA

The Anne Frank Center USA  

Gala Honoring Hidden Children

Anne Frank was but one of thousands of Jewish children who were in hiding during World War II. Jewish children died at a rate far higher than adults in the Holocaust. Estimates are that only 6-11 percent of Jewish children survived, compared to 33 percent of adults. These children often had to deny their identities as Jews, housing with Christian families or religious organizations, or physically hiding in attics, closets, barns, fields, and cellars. They often lived in danger and fear.

Despite her fervent optimism, even Anne could not deny the strains of living in hiding, confessing she longed to ride a bicycle, dance, and whistle. “Believe me, if you have been shut up for a year and a half, it can get too much for you some days…to know I’m free – that’s what I long for.”

At the 18th Annual Spirit of Anne Frank Awards, held at Espace in Manhattan on June 12, 2014, The Anne Frank Center USA honored children like Anne who spent their young lives in fear, as well as awarded scholarships to five exceptional students who today have started foundations or in some way worked toward our mission of a world based on equality and mutual respect.

To view a video on the scholarship awardees, click here

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