When is the application due? The application is due no later than March 17, 2017. How do I send in my application? All applications must be submitted online. Please ensure you are on the right page for the category that you would like to be considered for. What do I include in my application? When you begin the online application, please have your essay saved as a PDF and ready for upload. Please be prepared with the email addresses of your recommenders. If you are a student, you must also be ready to upload the Terms and Conditions page, signed by both yourself and your parent. If you have any additional materials, please have those saved in an accepted format and ready for upload. What are the formatting requirements? All personal essays must be typed, double-spaced, 12-point font, 1 inch margins and saved as a PDF. Additional materials can be submitted if they are saved as any one of the following file types: pdf, docx, jpg, mp4, png, mov. When will the winner be announced? Winners will be announced in April 2017. Can I mail in, fax or email my application? No. We are ONLY accepting applications through our online submission platform. I’m not a high school senior but I will be attending college in the Fall of 2017. Can I still apply? You cannot apply for the scholarship if you are not a high school senior. What is the Annual Spirit of Anne Frank Awards Gala? This is our annual gala to honor the work of our scholarship and award winners. It is held every year on or about June 12, in honor of Anne Frank’s birthday. The event includes a dinner and awards ceremony where winners will be required to show a video highlighting the work in their community. What should I include in my personal essay? Your essay should showcase your activism in your community and how your work has been inspired by Anne Frank. You should include details of the work you’ve done or become involved within your community and how and why you were inspired to take this action. Also, please describe the lasting impact of these actions. DO NOT send us recycled college essays. An essay that is not directed toward this specific scholarship or award will not be considered. Who should write the recommendation letters? For students: Please choose recommenders who are familiar with your work. These can be teachers, counselors, or advisors, but should be someone who can speak in detail about your activities in the community. For anyone nominating a citizen or educator: You are writing the primary recommendation. The additional letter should come from sponsors who are also familiar with the nominee’s work. These can be colleagues, employers, friends, or advisors. What are supplementary materials? Supplementary materials are anything beyond the basic requirements of this application that support your contributions. These can include articles, awards, photos, movie clips or letters of recognition. DO NOT send transcripts, lists of volunteer hours or lists of clubs or recycled essays. DO NOT send original copies of anything as we cannot return materials. Where do I find the Scholarship Terms and Conditions page? You can find it here. This page needs to be signed by both parent and student and then must be uploaded to the online submission form. Where do I find the application? Spirit of Anne Frank Scholarship Awards Please apply online here.