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One of the most meaningful and effective ways to hear Anne’s story and for students to learn the lessons of the Holocaust and the consequences of racism and discrimination is to make a visit to our museum. We offer a wide variety of school group tours catered to different grade levels and class needs.

Below are our Class Tour offerings.

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Dependent on availability, we can request a Holocaust survivor or child of survivors to come in and speak with your group. The capacity for each group is 35 students. We ask for one chaperone for every 10 students. For more information on these programs and to schedule a visit, please contact or call 212-431-7993 ext. 306.

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  • Away to the Annex

    Tour the gallery and expose your students to an introduction to Anne’s story just beginning to learn about WWII and the Holocaust. Intended primarily for elementary school age, this program focuses on Anne’s time in hiding and her relationships with the seven other people hidden in the Secret Annex. (grades 3 – 6) 60 minutes / $90
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  • Dear Kitty

    A literacy-focused lesson at the gallery in which students explore Anne through her own words and writing. Students visit the reflection space modeled on Anne’s bedroom and review several selections from her diary and her stories. (grades 4 – 8)

    Cost: 90 minutes / $120
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    Anne Frank: Then and Now

    Students participate in an inquiry-based discussion centered on the gallery's permanent exhibition, and the connections between Anne’s experience of intolerance and how racism and discrimination manifest in our own world. Options include interpretive writing activities, small group exploration, links to classroom projects, and the opportunity to meet a holocaust survivor or survivor's family member. (grades 7 – 12)

    Cost: 90 minutes / $120
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  • Conversations with Anne

    A gallery tour, followed by a 60-minute performance with an actor in the role of “Anne” and an educator. Students bring their questions to ask Anne! Anne addresses such themes as being a teenager; thoughts on war and prejudice; writing for herself and her future readers; honesty and trust; fear and hope in the Secret Annex; and her deepest feelings about humankind and the future world. (grades 4 – 12)
    Cost: 90 minutes / $250

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Anne Frank, May 13, 1944