Dear AFC family,

We begin with a wish for the health and safety of every member of the Anne Frank Center USA community. As with thousands of organizations around the world, we are hoping for the best but making preparations for continued operations and delivery of our mission in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. You should know:

– Our organization remains fully open, with our dedicated team of staff and volunteers working remotely in the upcoming weeks. Phone calls and email remain our primary modes of communication.

– Upcoming events that are currently scheduled may continue, be postponed, or be suspended on a case-bycase basis. Please watch our online calendar for updates:

– Partner venues: Our staff are busy speaking with each of our partner venues. If this includes your organization and you haven’t been connected yet, please don’t hesitate to reach out:

New opportunities: Many of our programs and trainings transition well to online delivery. As we work to bolster our remote offerings, we welcome fresh ideas and opportunities to co-develop new options with other organizations. We are also assessing all of our current offerings to determine how best to address new constraints.

– Donor support, of course, is needed now more than ever, as we navigate new modes of engaging our community and sustaining this important but financially fragile nonprofit institution. To share your ideas:

Finally, for those isolated, we offer an insight from Anne Frank herself, when in another context her family faced an uncertain future and feared for their safety and their lives:

“Many people think nature is beautiful, many people sleep from time to time under the starry sky, and many people in hospitals and prisons long for the day when they’ll be free to enjoy what nature has to offer…. It’s not my imagination — looking at the sky, the clouds, the moon and the stars really does make me feel calm and hopeful.” – Anne Frank (June 13, 1944)

Nature can bring about illness and suffering, but our world also offers hope for the days ahead. It’s our honor to work along your side to support one another and prepare for tomorrow.

With many thanks for all that you do, Peter M. Rapaport, PhD AFC board chair Sharon R. Douglas AFC CEO