Meryl Streep stars in this video from the
Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect to mark
the 70th anniversary of the publication of Anne’s diary.

This video, “Never Again to Anyone,” explains the strategy
and impact of our organization’s uncommon boldness
in addressing civil and human rights across America.

  • The Sapling Project

    In 2009 AFC launched the Sapling Project , a national initiative aimed at bringing together diverse communities and educational centers in a shared celebration of Anne, her beloved chestnut tree, her appreciation of nature, and her longing for freedom and justice in the world.
    The Sapling Project
  • Traveling Exhibits

    We have replaced our former gallery in New York with a dramatic expansion of our museum-quality traveling exhibits and educational programs across the U.S. and Canada. We go to museums, schools, universities, companies, houses of worship and other organizations.
    Traveling Exhibits
  • In-School Programs

    In-School Programs

    We offer a wide range of innovative programs and workshops held right in your classroom. Geared to various grade levels, our education programs integrate artistic, literary, historical, and/or performance-based components that teach the lessons of Anne Frank in a meaningful and relevant manner for your students. Click here for more information

  • Bookstore


    One of the most rewarding ways to support the Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect is to purchase a copy of Anne’s diary that helped change the world. We also offer a variety of books, movies, music, and other resources. Proceeds from your purchase help fund the educational initiatives of the Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect. Learn more

  • 2018 Scholarship Awards

    2018 Scholarship Awards

    The Spirit of Anne Frank Scholarship Awards 2018 are now open! The awards are given out each year to students who have proven themselves exceptional leaders in combating intolerance, prejudice and injustice in their schools and communities. APPLY HERE

Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect is an equal opportunity employer. As a matter of law and our mission to fight prejudice, the Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect has zero tolerance for discrimination in its employment practices and all other organizational operations. Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect does not discriminate against, and values the diversity of, job applicants and staff members based on religion, gender, race, age, color, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, physical characteristics, being differently abled, and any other characteristic protected by law or which merits celebration for being part of the magnificent mosaic of our world. Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect values veterans and welcomes applications from them.