Our Mission

The Anne Frank Center builds on the legacy of the young writer through education and the arts. Its mission is to teach young adults about what happens when hatred and prejudice are allowed to flourish.

Our Vision

We want to reach young adults in all 50 states by operating educational programs in their communities.

Core Values

The Anne Frank Center was established with the purpose of sharing the lessons of history to improve the lived experience for future generations. Inclusivity, compassion, and mutual respect are inherent in our mission, in our work, and in the hearts of every AFC team member. We value diversity, uniqueness, and the integrity of the human spirit in all of our interactions with the world and with one another and take seriously our obligation to foster a supportive work environment.

Our core values are captured in the set of 8 “Team Norms” that guide everything we do both (a) internally within the organization and (b) publicly in every community we serve:


Celebrating the most essential rights we all have in common


Improving the world long-term with everything we do


Stepping up to the challenge of solving problems in new ways


Working together towards our common goals


Valuing the unique efforts of the members of our community

Mutual Trust

Trusting as Anne Frank did that there's good inside of each of us


Discovering our true selves and embracing opportunity


Honoring the footprints of the leaders who have lighted the path

Our History

​Historically, the Anne Frank Center has long-established roots and a universal message that spans geographic and political borders. For years Otto Frank sought to raise awareness of Anne’s story in the United States and support for the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, which opened to the public in 1960. The Anne Frank Fonds, based in Basel, Switzerland, is the Frank family’s universal heir and devotes itself to the distribution of the Diary of Anne Frank. Distinct from these important partner institutions, the Anne Frank Center USA secured official 501(c)(3) nonprofit status in New York in 1977. 

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Congressman John Lewis speaks at the Spirit of Anne Frank Awards
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