The Anne Frank Center USA offers transformative educational programs for schools and communities:

Theatrical Performances

Our live performances offer schools and communities across the United States the experience of being immersed in the story of Anne Frank and interacting with professional actors, directors, and producers. Research has demonstrated that after seeing a live theatrical performance, students demonstrated greater tolerance and improved ability to read and respond to the emotions of others. 

Virtual Field Trips

The Anne Frank Center USA offers Virtual Field Trips, guided tours of the Anne Frank House in Virtual Reality!

Anne Frank Sapling Project

As Anne wrote about her own hopes and dreams of a better future, she often looked out upon a large horse chestnut tree in the garden behind the Secret Annex. Despite efforts to shore up the original chestnut tree in Amsterdam, the aged, diseased tree toppled in a windstorm in 2010. Descendants of the tree are thriving across the United States because of the efforts of Anne Frank Center USA, forming a national living memorial to Anne Frank. 

COMING SOON: Antisemitism Awareness Workshops

 In the first quarter of 2024, Anne Frank Center USA  piloted custom workshops that place the story of the Frank family in the contexts of the Holocaust and of the global Jewish experience of exile and forced migration. Participants see connections between History and the present day and are empowered to prevent antisemitism and bigotry. These workshops complement existing efforts at companies and universities to support minority employees. We will rigorously evaluate monthly workshops for the remainder of 2024 with plans to expand the program in 2025.

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